Light, air and temperature in the dairy barn

A dairy cow prefers cool temperatures and light barn conditions

Your cows like cool temperatures. When it gets warmer than 25'C (77F) in the barn they begin using their energies to cool themselves down rather than to produce milk. At the same time, if the air quality is poor, your milk quality can be affected.

Good ventilation is essential for keeping fresh air circulating in buildings that house your animals. Your cows need fresh clean air to reach their production potential. High levels of moisture, manure gases, pathogens and dust are damaging to your cows.

Natural ventilation

DeLaval has curtains, ventilation panels and chimneys to offer you flexible control of natural air movement and provide well-ventilated conditions for your cows, By choosing the right ventilation solutions you will help your cows to be healthy.

Mechanical ventilation

When you think of mechanical ventilation, you probably think of fans. But that is only one aspect of a good ventilation system. Fans only serve as outlets for the ventilation system and must be combined with fresh air inlets in order to work properly.

Effective barn illumination

Just like us humans, cows are more effective in light conditions. In fact, with the right kind of illumination set-up, dimensioned to the size of your barn, lactating cows will produce more milk. This is particularly important in winter when natural light levels are low.

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