Smart Farming

For DeLaval smart farming is about empowering today’s dairy farmers with the decision tools and automation technologies to seamlessly integrate products, services and knowledge for better quality milk, herd management, productivity and profit.

Smart Farming is about innovation. It is about innovative and integrated decision tools and automation to support farm management.

Efficient use of resources on farm should lead to both increased revenue, through to higher milk production, and improved cost control to give greater farm profitability, one of the key pillars of Sustainable Dairy Farming.

From milking management to total farm management

We understand that the challenge faced by dairy farmers around the world is how to meet an economic future that is already being defined by scale and efficiency.

Your success tomorrow as a dairy farmer will be all about how you harness automation and information technology to create an on-farm integrated productivity and profit-driven system that embraces more than just milking cows.

A range of innovative solutions

DeLaval already offers a fast growing range of innovative automation solutions geared to revitalise dairy farming, and assist them to make optimal use of their time.

Our smart farming goal is about bringing dairy farmers the innovative ideas and technologies that will help to create a more productive, sustainable and profitable future.

DeLaval is the only supplier in the industry that can provide solutions to satisfy a holistic view of farm profitability through the seven areas of Smart Farming : Know your herd, feed right, milk smart, secure milk quality, take care of your animals, make your farm a good place for your animals and your staff, and service your equipment.

Four Core Areas of Smart Farming


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