DeLaval cleaning systems are the first step in profitable manure handling. You get plenty of power and cleaning, but not at the cost of your cows.

Proper cleaning pays off

Scraping the manure away as soon as possible reduces the risk of hoof disease and udder contamination as well as nitrogen losses. Good cleaning routines contribute to cleaner, healthier cows for higher milk production and quality.

Scraper range

Different models cater to your specific cleaning needs. For example, DeLaval scrapers can be adapted for rubber floors, slatted floors and sloping floors. Straight blades or V blades work with straw bedding. V blades also cover very wide alleys well.

Cable drive solution

DeLaval cable scrapers and drive unit systems work tirelessly and silently for the comfort of cows and workers alike. Their strength and capacity mean effortless cleaning of up to 4 alleys simultaneously. Which enables high cleaning frequency during the day.

The drive’s highly effective direct power transmission makes minimal demands on power consumption, maintenance and associated costs. A thick steel cable pulls the scraper, so there are no mechanical parts in the manure and it gives extreme strength.

Cable cleaning scrapers
Cable cleaning drive units
Cable cleaning control boxes
 Straight blades  ACD 70 - 100 - 180  Common boxes PR-BR1-BR2
Product names
Straight blades ACD 70 - 100 - 180 Common boxes PR-BR1-BR2

Hydraulic drive solution

The hydraulic scraper cylinder is specially designed for manure removal in barns and is connected to a drawbar that moves back and forth, moving the scraper in steps, at a safe low speed.

DeLaval hydraulic scrapers are made for tough conditions. They are flexible, compact solutions capable of handling large volumes, as well as very wide alleys.

The robust design of all components gives extra high capacity and a long lifetime.

Hydraulic cleaning scrapersHydraulic cleaning drive unitsHydraulic cleaning solution control boxes
DeLaval alley cleaner hydraulic ACH
 Hydraulic power pack  DeLaval control box PH
 Product names
DeLaval alley cleaner hydraulic ACH Hydraulic power pack DeLaval control box PH

Chain scraper cleaning solution

Chain scraper

Heavy workloads

DeLaval chain scraper AKD80 - AKD140 handling system combines the advantages of a wear resistant chain with a very versatile installation covering different alley lengths and cross channel positioning. The drive unit can be installed in a number of places in the barn, effortlessly taking care of heavy loads.

Efficient operation

A low-energy motor, high-load gearbox, chain tensioner device and pocket-type chain sprocket ensure long running and low maintenance. The system consists of the drive unit plus corner wheels, control box, chain and scrapers. The chain can run on top of the floor or in steel floor tracks.

High installation flexibility

Choose whichever kind of installation suits you best depending on your barn layout. Position the drive unit with offset, straight or corner installation.

Two models available

One has a maximum stroke of 80 metres and maximum chain length of 180 metres. The other goes even further, with a maximum stroke of 140 metres and a maximum chain length of 300 metres.

Chain cleaning scraperChain cleaning drive unitsChain cleaning control box

Product names
Straight blade AKD 80 - 140 Premium control panel



Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

For information about the availability of a specific product, please contact your DeLaval dealer.

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