Storage, agitation and loading

Storage, agitation and loading


You need the right kind of equipment at the storage pit to help profitably treat manure for a fertilizer application and to handle large volumes quickly.

Tractor pumps

DeLaval tractor pumps help you in the final stages of a profitable manure system. These are easy-to-handle low pressure centrifugal pumps, for a bigger pump pit or when there is a lack of electrical power. The pump is assembled to a lifting frame attached to a tractor.

The rugged design is made for long working life and the galvanised body and housing are highly durable.

The robust gearbox stands extreme loads and the powerful coupling between gearbox and shaft evens out peak loads.

Lagoon pumps

DeLaval lagoon pumps are used in open liquid manure storage pits with straight or sloped walls. With just one pump, you can pump out different types, sizes and depths of pits. It mixes all types of manure: liquids or semi-liquids up to 10% dry matter and loads tanks quickly.

The outstanding performance of DeLaval lagoon pump TP65 and TP65H enables you to:

  • agitate liquid manure in any vertical or sloped wall manure storage underground pit.
  • pump out the manure.
  • load tanks quickly, with up to 19 000 litre per minute capacity.

Lagoon storage pump


Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

For information about the availability of a specific product, please contact your DeLaval dealer.

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