DeLaval hard-working pumps are expertly engineered for rugged dependability and minimum maintenance.

Electric transfer pumps

DeLaval slurry pumps are designed for mixing and pumping liquid manure in all kinds of applications. These include use in a mixing pit, transferring to a main store, recirculation and loading slurry spreaders.

Reliable, easy to operate and service, you have a choice of lengths and electric motor power options, so these pumps can be set up to your exact needs. Options include: different mixer heads, various installations including in a pump pit, underground connection to a pipe system and much more.

Hydraulic transfer pumps

DeLaval hydraulic pumps transfer manure over a distance. Strong and reliable, it has the hydraulic power to steadily and relatively quietly pump manure over hundreds of metres.


Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

For information about the availability of a specific product, please contact your DeLaval dealer.

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