Types of manure

Our manure systems are specifically designed to best handle each type of manure.

Slurry manure  Sand laden manure  Solid manure
Slurry manure               Sand laden manure      Solid manure

About manure

Manure consistency is determined by factors including the kind of animal, feeding intensity, type and amount of bedding material (sand, sawdust or straw) and climate conditions along with other factors such as wastewater from the parlour:

  • slurry manure with up to 10% dry matter content
  • semi-solid manure with 10 to 20% dry matter content
  • solid manure with more than 20% dry matter content

Importance of a system approach

Once you know the type of manure, you can start building the appropriate handling system. Every component works together to maximise the system’s overall profitability for your farm.

A system approach also gives you flexibility. For example, you can plan system capacity for the future, as your herd grows, and it is easier to comply with storage regulations and spreading periods.


Not all DeLaval products are available in all countries.

For information about the availability of a specific product, please contact your DeLaval dealer.

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